June 30, 2016

Burlington, Essex, Georgia and Colchester, VT garage door

Garage door styles and options

Your garage door plays an important role in your home life and this includes convenience, safety and aesthetics. Champlain Door is a garage door company operating in Burlington VT, Colchester VT and Essex VT. They can help you select the right garage door for your home. They also install and repair all types of garage doors.

When it comes to your garage door, you have an array of choices. Contemporary aluminum, classical courtyard, legacy carriage, carriage house and fancy fiberglass are some of the designs and options available.

Modern aluminum garage doors are great for contemporary homes. Their crisp lines and sleek appearance will complement the racy appearance of your home. Aluminum are readily available, durable, don’t rust and are easy to maintain.

A classical courtyard door combines the beauty of wood with the strength of steel. These durable garage doors have a classic style that will enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home. Legacy carriage doors have that old-style swing-open appearance and the kind of detailing that can only be achieved with wood. With Amish style craftsmanship these doors are sure to beautify any home.

Garage doors can be made from aluminum, traditional wood, traditional steel, fiberglass or some combination, so you will always have a wide range of choices and options. You can also add features such as vinyl skins, insulation and wind load options.

Vinyl skins offer thermal efficiency, sound proofing and additional protection from the elements. If you want maximum thermal efficiency, then an insulated steel garage door is a good choice. Wind load garage door have polyurethane insulation that offers protection from wind storms.

When looking for the right garage door it is a good idea to get advice from professionals such as Champlain. They have the knowledge and experience that will help you make the right choice.

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