Burlington and Essex, VT commercial garage door repair

How to Choose a Garage Door?

People usually keep valuable things in their garages, especially their cars, so having a safe and quality garage door is very important. Customers can choose out of a great variety of garage doors, they just need to know exactly what they would like.

Garage door types

There are garage door made of wood, steel or aluminum. The wood doors are the most esthetic ones, but they have to be well taken care of, as they lose their charm and beauty in a relatively short time. They are massive and can really stand out whenever it is needed. Steel garage doors are a good choice, because they are tough and quite inexpensive at the same time. Aluminum doors are also affordable, but only when they are almost completely made of this material. Usually their frames are made of laminated panels, which makes them more resistant and more expensive.


Safety is an important aspect that people take into consideration when buying a garage door. They have to be built in such a way, as not to represent a danger for the members of the family. Being such a big object, it could cause serious injuries.


Some people think that there is no need to add windows to a garage door, but the aspect of light might be important. Light can make any place nicer, safer and more comforting.


Usually manufacturers offer one year warranty for a door. There are only a few companies who go beyond this time frame.

These are the most important things to keep in mind when purchasing a garage door, if you want to make a good investment. A great variety of garage doors is offered by the specialists of the Champlain Door Company, assuring people that their services are the best. People can find them in and around Burlington, Essex, Colchester, Enosburg, Georgia, Middlebury and St. Albans, VT.

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