What is the best way to protect your home and garage from break-ins?

Many people think that their homes are perfectly safe from burglars. Unfortunately, they think wrong. Even in the daylight, burglaries happen all the time. And sadly, we’re often to blame for our homes getting broken in to. That’s right, you might be to blame if you experience a burglary. Let’s talk about some top tips to help you prevent your home from being targeted.

Home Alone Movie, two most infamous burglars.

The world-famous burglars featured in Home Alone 2

Stats and Facts About Burglaries at Home That Every Property Owner Should Know

To start, let’s go over some important statistics that will open your eyes to the dangers of burglaries.

According to Aeon Matrix

  • Break-ins tend to happen from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in fewer than 10 minutes
  • Burglars who live nearby and are aware of security systems stay away from your house. Over half of burglars actually know their victims.
  • The master bedroom is the first target for burglars

Most people think their garage won’t be the target of a break-in. After all, what’s in there that could be of interest to thieves? Your garage is a pretty unattractive place for burglars, so you know no one would decide to break in.

Unfortunately, you’re wrong. Your garage door is the largest moving object in your house. It’s actually an ideal target!

Because, according to Safe at Last, burglars enter your home

  • 34% through the front door!!!!
  • 23% through a first-floor window
  • 22% through a back door<
  • 9% through the basemen
  • And 9% through the garage door

It's the obvious stuff we all overlook

We pay a ton of money to move to nice houses in suburban neighborhoods thinking that we’ll be completely safe.

Over time, we settle in, we relax, and we let our guards down. We think there is nothing to worry about, and we stop locking the doors. Alternatively, we hide keys for the kids or the dog walker since it seems more convenient.

But if you act this way, in no time at all, a highly motivated observer can learn your bad habits and what makes your entry points weak.

Some Things to Think About

Home Alone most famous picture with young actor Macaulay Culkin

There’s no need for fancy traps to prevent burglars. The goal is not to catch the bad guys. Actually, you want them to stay away from your house in the first place. Here are some tips:

  • Always lock your windows and doors, no matter what.
  • Your spare key should not be hidden near the entrance door, in the shed, or underneath the plant pot on your front porch. In fact, don’t hide your key at all. You can leave a spare key with your neighbors if you need to. Even better, leave it with a trusted friend or family member who can give it to your kids or other family members should the need arise.
  • Many people have an entry table by their front door where they leave their keys. But this is a bad idea. You should also avoid labeling your keys, and if you leave your garage door remote in your unlocked car, it will all too easily fall into the wrong hands.
  • Patio doors should receive extra attention. It is easy to break in even when they are locked. To prevent thieves from easily opening a sliding patio door, try cutting a curtain rod or other similar pole and sliding it into the track to prevent it from opening.
  • Take the time to get to know your neighbors. Burglaries and other crimes are less likely to occur in tight-knit communities because neighbors are more likely to look out for each other and can easily spot something strange going on at your home. It’s helpful if you know your neighbors well enough to ask them to watch your home, even if you’re away, or keep an eye out for anything suspicious. An extra set of eyes is always a plus! Don’t worry, you don’t need to get overly friendly with them if you don’t want to. Just be polite and make conversation from time to time so they’ll have your back.
  • If you move, make sure to change the locks.
  • Always shut your curtains or blinds at night. It makes it easy for burglars to see in and watch your every move. Remember what we said at the start of this article? Burglars come from your neighborhood to target your house for several reasons: Maybe you’re easy prey or they can see that you have a lot of valuables in your house.
  • Drape the basement and garage windows with curtains or install blinds. Even though it can be nice to have windows in your garage door, you still need to keep them covered. Additionally, you should not choose clear glass if the window isn't high enough to keep someone out. The benefits of Sandblasted glass are that it provides privacy while letting in daylight.
  • Put your interior lights on timers. Many people leave on their interior lights when they’re gone at night or on vacation, thinking that it will deter burglars. Actually, it’s not a great idea. It allows someone to easily watch your house and see inside, and if you’re not home, there isn’t anything to deter them from eventually breaking in. Putting your interior lights on timers is an awesome solution to this problem.
  • Make sure your garage door, backdoor, and front door have motion-activated lights. Even though most burglaries happen during the day, motion-activated lights are still worth the investment. The cheapest way to protect your home is with motion-activated exterior lights. Furthermore, you'll never have to stumble on your porch stairs, which is a plus!
  • Don’t forget about the landscaping. Trim shrubs bordering walkways and entrances. Yes, landscaping can actually make a difference! Lots of overgrown shrubs and bushes provide a great place for thieves to hide. Don’t make their lives easier or encourage them to stake out your home.
  • Put yourself in a burglar’s shoes to find weaknesses. Yes, that’s right, play the burglar role. Where could you get in easily? Can you climb in easily through old windows? Could you climb on a shed roof to access an upstairs window? If you look in through the windows, is it easy to see your possessions or expensive objects?
  • Don't let your expensive things be seen! Make sure to ask all your family members to put their stuff away when they’re done using it, and don’t have expensive belongings easily on show. It will only tempt burglars.
  • Don’t talk about your whereabouts on social media. Burglars are getting smarter, and they’re learning that they can find victims online. Yes, that’s right. If you post about the two-week vacation you’re taking on social media, think how easy it is for a burglar to know you aren’t home and break in. Keep your life as private as possible, and only discuss vacations or times you won’t be home with people you trust.

Is your home actually secure? Find out in this Safeatlast blog article.

So, you’re armed with some anti-theft tips and tricks, but how can you stop burglars from breaking in through the garage?

Should You Reduce the Length of Your Garage Door Release Mechanism?

Check out this ColoradoRMN video, where handymen show you the best ways to add a tie wrap and shorten the rope on your garage door.

Someone is showing the rope of an electric garage door opener in a garage.

If the rope is too long, a burglar can easily hook it between 2 door sections, grab it and pull it outside in a few seconds. Photo credit: Image from the video

Watch out! The video implies a "design flaw". This is not the case. Safety comes first!

Both of these components are designed to act as emergency release mechanisms. Let's say there is a power failure or emergency, and you need to run outside as soon as possible.

A tie wrap is not recommended. Consider shortening the rope. Alternately, you can add a garage trolley shield, making it safer.

Adding an automatic garage door lock rather than homemade gimmicks is a 5-star solution

There isn't much resistance to brute force in most garages.

There's no need for anything more than a pry bar.

You might have known some "handy men" who added sliding bolts on both sides of their garage and locked it from the inside. This might sound excessive, but is it? How dangerous is it? Do you consider it to be too "homemade" to be safe?

A great quality garage door should last 25 years or more. Be careful not to drill holes! You may void your warranty.

LiftMaster Automatic Garage Door Lock Picture

Locking your door automatically with an automatic garage door lock is a security feature that LiftMaster offers for your garage door.

Here are 4 reasons why you should install this lock on your garage door

1 - Protect your garage door with a deadbolt lock to ensure absolute security

2 - A locking mechanism that emits an audible sound alerts you to its presence.

3 - The automatic opener operates in conjunction with this 3-Automatic. Therefore, when the door opener is turned on, it locks and unlocks automatically.

4 - You know the garage is secure from anywhere thanks to the MyQ app, which you can access through Smartphone monitoring.

A woman checking if her garage door is lock on her smarphone by using the free MyQ app.

Worry-free Performance. Having the MyQ App and Automatic Garage Door Lock at your fingertips will ensure that your home is protected wherever you are.

A Modern-Day Alternative - Try a Smart Garage Door Opener

We live in a modern world, why not utilize a modern solution? Take technology a step further. LiftMaster offers a smart garage door opener that features two-way audio and a camera. Yes, it really is that awesome!

9 Things You Can Do with Your Smart LiftMaster 87504-267 Opener

  1. Get personalized alerts.
  2. Check your garage door status in real-time. Never accidentally leave the door open again.
  3. The garage door can be opened and closed from anywhere with a simple click of a button on your phone.
  4. Provide access to the users you want: your dog walker who comes once a week, a service technician, or even your neighbor. Now you don't need to share your passwords, lend keys, or even be at home.
  5. Each time someone enters your garage, your smartphone will notify you.
  6. If your city permits it, you can receive in-garage deliveries when ordering online.
  7. You can see what's happening in your garage in real-time.
  8. React to the things that happen in your garage. Share information with people, give them instructions and respond to their questions.
  9. A monthly subscription provides both 7day and 30day video storage options.

How does it work?

The homeowner gets a notification “Garage door 1 opened just now” on her smart phone and sees her children and the babysitter, live on camera, as they enter the garage.

The homeowner gets a notification “Garage door 1 opened just now” on her smart phone and sees her children and the babysitter, live on camera, as they enter the garage.

The homeowner gets a notification “Garage door 1 opened just now” on her smart phone and sees her children and the babysitter, live on camera, as they enter the garage.

The built-in camera system allows you to see what’s happening, when it’s happening.

  • Live-streaming 1080p HD video
  • Manuel 360-degree rotation
  • Motion detection, night vision

The homeowner gets a notification on his smart phone and sees the neighbor as she enters his garage. “Hi, Rachel!” he says, “the ladder is hung on the left wall”.

The homeowner gets a notification on his smart phone and sees the neighbor as she enters his garage. “Hi, Rachel!” he says, “the ladder is hung on the left wall”.

2-way audio means you can hear and speak.

  • Microphone and Speaker, Live 2-way communication
  • Enable/disable the microphone

The homeowner gets a notification on his smart phone “Alert Occurred – The garage door remains open  and sees that the neighbor who walks the dog as the last to come out from the garage door.

The homeowner gets a notification on his smart phone “Alert Occurred – The garage door remains open and sees that the neighbor who walks the dog as the last to come out from the garage door.

Built-in wifi and smartphone controls keep you in the know and keep you in control.

  • MyQ-connected.
  • Open/close from anywhere
  • Customize alerts, share access
  • Wi-Fi and integrated Bluetooth

A mom and her daughter are going to the house from the garage. We can see that the garage door has secure door lock.

Keep your loved ones safe

  • Battery Backup - allow access to your garage even if your home loses power.
  • Electronically Protects your garage so no one can force entry
  • Secure Code - every click sends a secure code
  • Safety Sensors - keep everyone safe with automatic door stopping
  • Motion-detection lighting - wave goodbye to that scary, dark garage!

Replacing the LiftMaster 8550, there is no comparison between this LiftMaster 87504-267 garage door opener and the old, conventional door openers you’re used to seeing. These days, most people have packages delivered to their homes regularly. If you’re anything like me, you probably get far too many Amazon deliveries every week (I get it)!

With so many deliveries occurring, questionable weather, and people who steal packages off porches, in-garage deliveries are quickly becoming the new normal. But wait! You need to make sure your garage is safe.

Here are some steps you might take to ensure your garage door doesn't give burglars easy access:

  • Avoid leaving your car unlocked, even if you think it’s safe in your driveway.
  • Your garage door remote should never be left in your vehicle or in plain sight.
  • Ensure that another remote control cannot operate your garage door by reprogramming your LiftMaster accessories. Old garage door remotes are sometimes found in neighborhoods, and people try them on the garage doors to see if they can get them to open. Crazy, right!

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