August 31, 2016

Garage door openers in Burlington and Colchester, VT

Garage door openers that perform the way you expect

Your garage door is probably single largest item of your home. It requires a powerful and reliable garage door opener to do the heavy lifting. It’s a good idea to stick with brand names such as Liftmaster and Genie. Champlain Door supplies and installs reliable brand name garage door openers in Burlington VT and Colchester VT. They can help you residential as well as commercial garage door openers. They will take care of all the important installation details to ensure you have an opener that will work as expected.

Two of the best known brands when it comes to garage door openers are Genie and Liftmaster. For example, the Genie Trilog Pro model 4024 is powerful and quiet. This opener features a belt or chain drive. A belt-drive system ensures smooth and silent performance whilst a chain drive system offers reliability and value for money. The Genie Trilog Pro also features motion detection and a battery backup system. In addition, Genie openers also come with lifetime motor and gearbox warranties.

Liftmaster garage door openers are designed and engineered to perform and they are made to last a long time. You will experience smooth, trouble-free operation for many years when you invest in a LiftMaster garage door opener. You also get all the safety features such as motion detection and battery backup and all the control you need in a garage door opener.

All top brand name garage door openers also offer features such as remote control. You can even control your openers from a smart app, from any connected location. Irrespective of brands and models, it is a good idea to get your garage door and opener from the same supplier. This way you get a properly integrated system with best performance and reliability. You also get the support you

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