October 7, 2015

Loading docks in Enosburg, VT

5 types of loading dock designs

A loading dock or loading bay is a utilitarian area where goods trucks and vans are loaded and unloaded in most warehouses. Through different tools, loading docks can increase traffic and it left unattended it can add up costs. To increase productivity, loading docks must be as efficient as the facility they cater to. They act as a link between storage and transportation as well as between transportation and manufacturing functions. We Champlain Door, an award-winning company based at Georgia that have been recognized for its dedication to services, quality and value of loading dock designs pride ourselves in providing clients in Enosburg, Essex, Middlebury as well as St. Albans with build-to-suit customizations.

5 dock design types one can find are as follows:

  1. Open docks- Open dock designs are usually not recommended as they are subjected to weather damage and also prone to pilferage. Thus, these docks should be provided with a canopy.
  2. Saw tooth docks- Saw tooth line-ups or dock designs are a perfect design solution to those situations where the maneuvering space is limited; even though they lessen the space of useable docks. However, extra apron space is required while using saw tooth dock designs.
  3. Flush docks- The most popular dock design today are flush docks. These commonly used docks are usually used for preventing wall designs and extend 4 inches (101.6 mm) beyond the boundary wall.
  4. Enclosed docks- Enclosed docks are usually used when security or privacy, product protection, climate control as well as overhead lift capabilities are needed. They are not a common choice because of the huge construction expenses and vehicle exhaust pollution considerations.
  5. Depressed docks- Depressed docks having a sloped driveway design are used where building construction does away with basements and also dock level floors. One just needs to make sure that the grade of the driveway should not be more than10% else the top of the truck will hit the wall of the building or cargoes will fall and what not.

Loading dock design plays a significant role in guarantying the proficient movement of a product. Learn more about these various dock types from our website, so you can make the right decision at an instant when it comes to loading dock equipment for your building.

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