July 7, 2016

ST. Albans, Middlebury, Burlington VT garage door openers

Garage door openers are important for proper operation and safety

When looking for garage door openers you want reliable brand name openers such as those manufactured by Liftmaster and Genie. Champlain Doors supplies and installs brand name garage door openers in Burlington VT and Colchester VT.

There are a number of important parts involved when it comes to garage door openers. One automatically think it’s the opener that does the heavy lifting, but in fact it’s the torsion spring. Other parts that play important roles are the motor and gears, the drive guide, the inverter and battery and the remote control. If any of these parts fail, you have a problem with your garage door. So you want reliable parts.

Garage door openers have a power unit with an electric motor attached to a track. Then there is a trolley that slides along the track which enables the opening or closing of the garage door. There is also a quick release mechanism that will disconnect the garage door from the opener, thereby enabling manual operation.

Remote controls are also important and useful components that enable you to open or close your garage door remotely. The first remote control used a simple code and a designated frequency. The problem was the curb side burglars could easily intercept this code. Another problem was that you could open your neighbors garage with your remote and vice versa. Well remotes have progressed from those days and the codes and frequencies are much complicated and secure.

Your garage door is most likely the single biggest moving object in your home. It is therefore imperative that your garage door opener be professionally installed to ensure proper operation as well as safety. For example, you want your garage door to stop or reverse in an emergency.

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